TRACKHIND is a brand name of Vehicle Tracking System manufactured by Aravali Autotech, Jaipur. Company launched its first vehicle transport system (AIS-140) in 2019. Company developed it's backend system for fulfill the requirements of AIS-140 standards and also other requirements of transport sector. User can asses through the web and mobile application and get benefit of useful features provided by backend system for operating and monitoring their vehicles.


Today every business is using intelligent technology in their business for fulfill their commitment of service. In last few decades transport sector has faced many challenges in operation, control and safety. As now the Government and transport sector is also aware about these problems in this business and felt requirement to monitor their fleet with support of intelligent transport system and make rules and regulations for it. We have got an opportunity to be a part of this revolutionary development in this sector by providing the intelligence transportation system, which includes VTS, video surveillance, fleet management system etc. The intelligent transport system is very useful to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure and improve transport system in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort and safety.


In India mostly transport operators are not familiar with advance technology and are running their business without support of intelligent transport system. We aim to deliver our services throughout the country and developing a dealer network for this purpose.